Local Mandurah singer / songwriter releases first single for digital download - We wish him every success.

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Welcome To Mandurah Western Australia     

Mandurah has been the fastest growing regional town in Western Australia several times! It is now home to activities such as surfing, swimming, crabbing, dolphin watching, boating, fishing and world-class golfing, with an abundance of other activities to enjoy The town centre of Mandurah is situated around Mandjar Bay and the Bridge Quarter foreshore is lined with wonderful parkways, barbeque facilities cafe's, restaurants and a great boardwalk, and a great cafe strip.

Mandurah is located approximately 72kms south of Perth. An enjoyable 50 minute drive, Mandurah is a water wonderland visited by day trippers and holiday makers alike all year round. The towns population is approximately 75,000 and continuing to grow. You will find Mandurah accommodations, attractions, restaurants and local business needs included on our site.

Our Accommodation pages provide concise information on the many Mandurah accommodations and outlying area accommodations which include Bed & Breakfast, Hotels, Motels, Villas, Houses, Chalets, Resorts and Caravan Park style accommodations. Our Attraction pages provide concise information on the many attractions available in the area and the new Mandurah Marina which is our newest attraction with markets, restaurants, cafes and a great location for all the family.

Mandurah voted Most Liveable AGAIN! Voted among the best places in the world to live, according to an international competition endorsed by the United Nations. Mandurah was named as one of the world's most liveable cities in 2011. The awards, announced in South Korea on Monday, were judged on criteria which included healthy lifestyle, community involvement, arts, cultural heritage and environmental best practice. There were more than 330 entrants from around the world!

During weekends and holiday seasons the Mandurah foreshore is packed solid with visitor's enjoying the beautiful surroundings and watching the dolphins at play. At night the Foreshore lights up to produce a spectacular display of coloured lights which are reflected on the water. Its a fabulous lifestyle!

Mandurah is also home to great attractions like Abingdon Miniature Village, Bouvard Cruises, Mandurah's New Ocean Marina and of course Mandurah's stunning foreshore.

The below YouTube video is a real estate websites promotion of Mandurah. The real estate information may not be current or accurate but the video does display many of the beautiful aspects of Mandurah.

Entertainment Acts hitting WA Shores

day on the green Sandalford Winery is the place to be when it comes to experiencing massive international acts. Last season's Day on the Green series saw unforgettable performances by Leonard Cohen, Alicia Keys and many more. In the coming months there are so many exciting acts to be announced and we can't wait to host more of the world's great artists in such a stunning venue. Sandalford creates the perfect atmosphere for a wonderful night under the stars.


Travelling around Western Australia is relatively an all year round experience as our sealed road system is quite extensive. In the summer months those who wish to visit the north of Western Australia be aware the the seasonal rains of the north can close these roads in a very short time. Unsealed roads in this area are usually closed from November to March.

Road trains are likely to be encountered on many of our highways and care should be taken when deciding to overtake them or even passing them in opposite directions. These vehicles can be up to 50 metres long so when passing make sure there is a least a one kilometre distance between your vehicle and any oncoming car.

Never attempt to overtake these vehicles unless you are absolutely sure it is safe to do so. When passing these road trains in opposite directions, the air dispersement ahead of the road trains and as they pass can be quite surprising. When approaching a road train slow down and keep a firm grip on your steering wheel as they pass.

Bush fires, especially in the summer months are a regular occurrence. Visitors need to exercise extreme caution as the lighting of fires can cause irreparable damage to the area.

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